🏴2. Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmap

2.1 Tokengated Commerce Platform (May 2023, released after technology development is completed)

Avatanium’s shopify tokengated commerce is itself part of the blockchain ecosystem. Soon, the Avatanium ecosystem will launch in crypto space. Explore the platform for tokengated commerce.

( https://www.avatanium.shop ) ( https://www.avatanium.shop/collections/rolex )

Tokengated Commerce

Tokengated commerce is when access to parts of an online store, such as certain products, discounts or collections, is restricted to customers who own certain NFTs. With the help of the Avatanium token gating app, you can select specific NFTs and smart contracts and select the content you allow access to. If a customer owns one of these NFTs in their cryptocurrency wallet, the app grants the customer access to restricted content.

Brands are also using token gating to form partnerships through collaborative products and collections based on NFTs created by other brands. These types of partnerships allow brands to grow their prospects beyond their typical customer base.

Tokengated commerce can become an integral part of a blockchain strategy, especially when it comes to community building, customer retention, and revenue growth. Avatanium’s apps continue to build integrations that can provide additional value to all NFT holders on supported blockchains.

Tokengated experience

NFTs are owned and stored in the customer's cryptocurrency wallet. The token gating app is used to check the customer's wallet to see if it contains the necessary NFTs. Customers will be prompted to authorize the store to view NFTs in their cryptocurrency wallet. After the token gating app verifies that the customer has the required NFT, the customer can access the exclusive content and order in the store as usual.

Tokengated Commerce Use Cases

Tokengated commerce offers many benefits to customers, including:

· Exclusive access to collections, products and discounts in the Avatanium store

· NFT ownership granting access to future NFT releases through the Avatanium NFT beta program

· NFT Ownership for Airdrops

· Potential collaboration with other brands using token gating

· Exclusive access to online Discord channels and community engagement channels including community, face-to-face events and sales activation

2.2 Avatanium NFT marketplace Development Release (May 2023, released after technology development is completed)

Avatanium are NFTs building tools that allow consumers to trade their items freely, creators to launch new digital works, and developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital items. Check out development releases for Avatanium NFT marketplace.

( https://avatanium.com ) ( https://avatanium.com/product/clonex-18969/ )

The "token" part of a "Non-fungible token" represents this digital representation and the NFT is a reference to the original. "Non-fungible" refers to the property of a token that is unique and cannot be exchanged for another token. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital representations of goods which publicly show their ownership, history, and scarcity.

NFTs are a new technology, and their full impact and implications are still being explored. Currently, NFTs are most popularly being used to prove ownership over digital copies of media, such as digital artwork, but they have many other uses.

Customer Experience: Buying NFTs

In your store, customers browse your store and add NFT to their shopping cart. Customers can pay with a credit card through checkout or in supported cryptocurrencies through a cryptocurrency payment processor. After the order is confirmed, the customer has successfully purchased the NFT from the store.

After the order is placed, the customer will receive an email with a link to the NFT billing page. The customer is then prompted to connect a cryptocurrency wallet, after which the NFT is issued or delivered directly to the wallet. This process is activated automatically. If the customer does not have a cryptocurrency wallet, the NFT billing page will guide you through the wallet creation process. After that, the NFT will be issued or delivered directly to your wallet

Merchant Experience: Selling NFTs

Merchants participating in AVATANIUM's NFT beta program will be able to create and sell NFTs through the foundry app.

If you want to capture credit card payments through payments or offer cryptocurrency payments to your customers, you can connect a cryptocurrency payment processor.

The NFT claims page design and experience is created through the foundry app. To ensure you keep a consistent brand image, create an NFT claim page that has a similar look and feel to your current store's branding.

If you are not eligible to participate in AVATANIUM's NFT beta program, there are other ways to issue and sell NFTs.

Carbon offsetting

While NFTs represent a new way for you to do commerce, there are concerns regarding the environmental impact that the underlying blockchain technologies might have.

Avatanium maintains the stance of being blockchain agnostic. Avatanium works with you to develop integrations across all blockchains. Avatanium has a carbon offset strategy no matter what blockchain you use for your NFT.

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