2022 will be a turbulent year for the NFT market. In the bear market of the cryptocurrency market, the well-known NFT price fell to its lowest price and investors panicked, and the number of buyers and sellers has declined sharply over the past month. Investors are becoming more cautious and major projects have lost significant value. There are solid buyers and sellers who continue to move the NFT market even in a recession. Market frustration prompts a bolder market. What developers and investors do now determines the future stability and longevity of the market.
NFT Market Volumes; (Source: Dune Analytics data, Photo/Hero Song, 29 Jul 2022)
Avatanium' is in the final stages of development of high-performance Web3 NFT marketplace services and tokenized commerce of unique physical goods. Bringing tokenized commerce of unique physical goods to market is what sparks a bold future for NFTs.
The NFT ecosystem in the blockchain market is a close-knit group of amazing innovators, everyone from enthusiasts to developers, gamers, entrepreneurs and artists. We are honored to be part of this community.
We will collaborate and advance in the crypto space to push the limits of the mainstream. In addition, we expect the development of technologies and civilizations beneficial to mankind, including robot technology, along with the blockchain market.